Free time


In Nellim, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the nature, hike, fish, hunt, and collect berries and mushrooms. The village clubhouse acts as the venue for community college courses.


Nature trails

Nellim hiking trails

You can take the following marked routes from the village of Nellim:

Nellim – Pahtalampi – Nellim (14 km)

Nellim – Church – Nellim (4 km)

Nellim – Pyhävaara – Nellim (6 km)

Paksuvuono –Iron Gate – Wood flume – Paksuvuono (8 km)


Piilola trail

The only marked trail in the Vätsäri wilderness area, the Piilola trail, begins at Kessintie, about 14 km from the village of Nellim. The 35-kilometer Piilola trail connects the Norwegian Ylä-Paatsjoki national park and the Vätsäri wilderness area.


Nellim water route

The route (14 km) starts from Siikajärventie by the Ahvenjärvi lake and ends at Siikajärventie by the Nellimjärvi lake. You can find the remains of old log floating structures along the route.


Lake Inari for canoeists

The Nellim marina is a good place to start a canoe trip. Example routes include a day trip to Speinniemi and a three-day trip around the island of Kaamassaari.



Nellim has many snowmobile routes leading everywhere, in the forests and on Lake Inari. The marked routes start at the heart of the village.

Track maps.



The gym equipment at the Nellim Clubhouse are available:

On Wednesdays between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.

On Saturdays between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.


Nellim Clubhouse

Siikajärventie 40

99860 Nellim


Jogging track

A lit track for joggers starts at the Nellim clubhouse. The route is 3 km long.


Ski tracks

During the winter, the jogging track starting at the clubhouse is turned into a lit ski track. The route is 3 km long. The village also has a 16 km ski track.


Disc golf

The Nellim sports field also includes a small disc golf course for the villagers to use. This sport is an easygoing outdoor hobby suitable for everyone – regardless of their physical condition.


Village associations

The village has three associations:


Paatsjoen-Nellimin Kyläyhdistys ry

The village association Paatsjoen-Nellimin Kyläyhdistys, founded in 2001, is responsible for organizing the famous flume festival in the summer. The association is also responsible for planning and implementing different kinds of voluntary work. The village association owns the Kantojärvi forest cabin.  


Chairwoman Helena Määttä


Itä-Inarin erä- ja kalamiehet (Itinek ry)

Itä-Inarin erä- ja kalamiehet, founded in 1972, is an active hunting and fishing club. The club organizes annual trolling and ice-fishing competitions and moose “peijainen” events – the ritual burial of a hunted prey.  


Chairman Sirpa Laito

Käärmeniementie 4B

99860 Nellim

tel: +358-44-3697274


Gymnastics and sports club Nellimin Pyry ry

The sports club was founded in 1953; it owns and rents the Nellim Clubhouse for various occasions. Circuit training is organized at the clubhouse every Wednesday and Saturday.


Chairman Heimo Helppi

Secretary Paula Alatorvinen


Nellim Clubhouse

Siikajärventie 40

99860 Nellim











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