Flume festival

The traditional summer village festival is organized every July at the renovated wood flume. Over the past few years, the festival has been organized at the same time with Inari Weeks.


The festival honors the tradition of forest work. During the festival, you can try sawing with a two-man saw or taste the traditional Finnish food served to forest workers, “läskisoosi”. Even the Finnish champion of log walking has honored the festival with their presence. Live music, coffee and sliced buns are naturally part of the offerings of the festival. One of the highlights of the festival is a play, which is different from one year to another – but it’s always guaranteed to be fun.


Trolling competition

The annual eastern Inari trolling competition is organized in Nellim every July. At its best, there have been 80 different boats competing at the same time!


Ice-fishing competition

In the early spring, usually at the end of March, a large group of ice-fishers gather to the Nellim school lake to attend the popular ice-fishing competition.


Trifon pilgrimage

Nellim is one of the destinations of the annual Trifon pilgrimage. The pilgrimage takes place on the last weekend of August. A vespers is celebrated in the Orthodox church of Nellim, followed by a village festival at the Nellim harbor.


Tour de Barents

Tour de Barents is an annual friendly ski competition between the Finnish, Norwegian and Russian. The event is organized in the early spring in Paatsjoki. The event was first organized in 1995.


The tour starts at Rajakoski in Russia, continues on to Finland and further to the three country cairn in Muotkavaara. From Muotkavaara, the trip continues towards the south to Norway, where the route turns back to Rajakoski.



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