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Wood flume

The Nellim wood flume is the best preserved memorial of log floating, which took place in Lake Inari and its connecting bodies of water in the 1920s and 30s. The wood flumes were used to transport timber from areas with little water to more open water. During log floating, the water of the Nellimjoki river was guided to run through the wood flume.


The Nellim wood flume, built by the forest company Atif in 1929, is 304 meters long, and the height difference between the top and bottom ends is 16 meters. The wood flume is located between lakes Keskimmäisenjärvi and Nellimjärvi. From Nellimjärvi lake the timber continued onwards to Inari, and further along the Paatsjoki river to the sawmill located in Elven, Norway, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.


The National Board of Antiquities restored the wood flume in 1995. The wood flume is located a short way from downtown Nellim, and it’s perfect for a day trip with the whole family. The location can be accessed by car – or you can walk there from Paksuvuono along a marked trail. There’s a cabin and a lean-to to light a fire and eat lunch.



The village has a Skolt Orthodox church built out of logs and dedicated to the Holy Trinity and the memory of Trifon Petsamolainen.


The church, built in 1987, was originally built as a prayer room; a year later, Metropolitan Bishop Leo consecrated it as a church. The church was designed by Seppo Latvala. The design was based on the old part of the Petsamo convent church.


Evangelical-Lutheran services are also performed in the church. 


Church manager Tauno Haltta shows the church around also outside official visiting hours and during winter time. tel: +358-40-770 51 48.


Iron Gate

The mountainous bay surrounded by rock faces, called the Iron Gate (“Rautaportti”) held strategic importance during the wars (1939-1945). Fortresses were built on both sides of the bay to defend the road leading up to the Arctic Ocean. The area still holds many structures from World War II.


The Iron Gate history trail explains the habitation in the area and the war-time events as it travels from Paksuvuono to the restored wood flume.


Russian border

Nellim is only about 8 km from the Russian border. The Virtaniemi border patrol station is located at the border. The so-called border zone begins about a kilometer before the actual border; this is when a tourist is good to stay on the road – it’s forbidden to enter the woods around the road.


Paatsjoki bridge

About a kilometer before the Virtaniemi border patrol station, you can turn left onto Kessintie, with the Paatsjoki bridge along the road. Standing on the bridge, you can admire the Russian river landscape.


Muotkavaara – three country cairn

Muotkavaara – the shared cairn of Finland, Norway and Russia – is located about 30 km from the village of Nellim. The place is a popular snowmobile destination during the winter. In the summer, a forest road takes all those interested about 10 km from the cairn.










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