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         Tervetuloa Nellimiin!


            Tiervâpuáttim Njellimân!


                Pue' tted tiõrvân Nellmä!



                        SUMMER HAPPENINGS 2015 !!


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Nellim is a village in the middle of the wilderness, on the shore of Lake Inari. It’s located 42 km northeast from the center of Ivalo, 8 km from the Russian border.


Simply traveling from Ivalo to the village is an experience: the old road, which originally led all the way to the Arctic Ocean, travels across magnificent fells and past beautiful fjords. Indeed, the village is one of the most valuable areas in Inari in terms of landscape.


At the end of the amazing winding and bumpy road awaits Nellim, a village of three cultures. The village has 170 brave and persistent permanent Finnish, Inari Sami and Skolt Sami citizens. There are also as many secondary residencies in the area.


Nellim is one of the oldest inhabited areas in Inari. Signs of habitation have been found from as far back as the Stone Age, approximately 8000 years ago. The village is a nationally significant cultural-historical location.


Nellim, which is sometimes called the “Wild East” of Lapland, is also one of the most important marinas and fishing harbors in Lake Inari. It also acts as a gateway to the wilderness areas of Vätsäri and Tsarmitunturi.






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